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Authentic Black Onyx Pyrite bracelet with Hematite for maximum lucky, money, wealth, and prosperity. Good luck Feng Shui wealth bracelets for women and men. Crystal Bracelets, Spiritual, Crystal Jewelry, Beaded Bracelets for men and women.
The men's bracelet created with smooth round 12mm Black Onyx and 10mm round Pyrite beads with brass plated Hematite strung on double strand of 100% polyester cord. 8" long
The women's bracelet created with 8mm Black Onyx, 10mm Pyrite beads with brass plated Hematite strung on double strand of 100% polyester cord. 7'' long
Natural Pyrite gemstone beaded crystal bracelet is stackable with 8mm pyrite beads to attract money, good luck, wealth, abundance, willpower, courage, and healing energy, excellent spiritual gift for him or her.
This precious stone is known for the energy of strong support, stamina, and determination to help one's persevered. It is said to teach the wearer to rely on own powers, which is then often crafted as traditional wealth bracelets and amulets.
Black onyx crystals can be used for grounding, protection, and self-control, and as a shield against negative energy. It also enhances discipline, allowing more ease in following through on goals and completing tasks.
Black onyx can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid exposure to household chemicals and extreme heat. Because of the hardness and durability of onyx, it should be kept away from other gemstones and jewelry to prevent scratching softer materials.
How to choose the correct size?
Use a measuring tape to measure the part of your wrist where you plan on wearing the bracelet.
If you do not have a measuring tape, measure your wrist with a piece of sting and then use a ruler to measure the results.
This golden-hued gemstone got its name for the Greek word pyr, which means "fire." Pyrite gemstones can be used to create sparks if it is struck against metal or another hard material. In fact, pieces of pyrite have been used in flintlock firearms to help produce the necessary spark. Pyrite gemstones were important to the production of sulfur and sulfuric acid, especially during the World War II era. Long before this use though, pyrite was valued by some Native American peoples as a healing stone. During the Victorian Age, pyrite was a favorite stone for creating carved rosettes, shoe buckles, rings and other decorative elements.
Pyrite has been used as a much more plentiful and cheap gold or marcasite replacement in jewelry and accessories, but pyrite is fun to design with for its merits, too. The warm, golden sheen is a favorite in men's jewelry for example. This provides a metallic tone that isn't overly shiny while pairing perfectly with black gems such as jet or for added textural intrigue, lava rock. This isn't to say only the men appreciate the understated shine of pyrite as women's jewelry benefits from the subtle gold hue.
**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. 
Due to pyrite's gold color, luster and high specific gravity, this gem can be mistaken for gold, hence this famous moniker: fool's gold. Pyrite is also quite like another gem called marcasite. Marcasite does not have the same brassy hue.
***Listing is for (1) 7" bracelet and (1) 8" bracelet as pictured above.
This product is from a small business.

2 Bracelet Set -Onyx and Pyrite Beaded Bracelets

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