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PiXiu + Tiger's Eye crystal = Wealth and Protection

Pixiu, also known as Pi Yao, is an auspicious beast in Asia and a symbol of luck and wealth. Tiger's Eye is a protective amulet. In Eastern lore, the tiger's eye stone was linked to the tiger, and thus believed to represent courage. Many people turn to tiger's eye no matter the variety to help detox the blood, to bring about good luck, courage, confidence, and emotional centeredness. This gemstone bracelet has been meticulously handcrafted in the USA; featuring AA grade 10mm natural Tigers Eye beads, 10mm Black Onyx, and Hematite spacer beads strung on a double strand of strong 100% polyester cord.

Wealth Attractor Bracelet Tiger's Eye Stretch Bracelet Money Magnet

  • Gemstone:  Tiger's Eye

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