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This blue gemstone bracelet features 10mm round Sodalite separated by brass plated Hematite, and 10mm round antiqued brass beads strung on a securely knotted double strand of strong 100% polyester cord.
Sodalite is similar to Lapis Lazuli at first glance; but Lapis Lazuli is actually a rock and not a mineral. It contains flecks of pyrite that make the two stones differ upon a closer look. To complicate matters, lapis lazuli (which is technically a rock) may sometimes contain sodalite (which is a mineral in itself). 
Sodalite is sometimes also confused with azurite, dumortierite and lazulite. Additionally, in Canada, sodalite can be referred to as "Princess Blue" because it was found in Ontario in 1891 during the visit of two members of the British Royal Family.
The stone was known across the Americas before its official entry into Western mineralogy, however: around 2,600 BC, the Caral peoples traded for sodalite in what Peru is now, as did the residents of Tiwanaku in modern Bolivia.
Note:  Each gemstone bead is unique the color may vary slightly.
Care and Use:
Do not stretch your bracelet. Roll it over your hand to 
 increase the longevity of your purchase.
Carefully wipe your jewelry with clean, dry, soft cloth.
Remove your jewelry when bathing, showering, swimming, 
using harsh cleaning agents or sleeping.

Sodalite Brass Bracelet

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